Life-omics Core with Holistic Technologies (LiCHT), Institue for Open and Transdisciplinary Research Initiative (OTRI), Osaka University



We will create a new research field, “life-omics,” aiming for coexistence rather than disease suppression with the cross-sectional integration of Osaka University's strengths of "instrumentation science" and "biomedical science". It will make it spotlight the diversity of living organisms as a whole, which has been overlooked in the theory of element reduction to genomes and molecules. To measure and scientifically understand the diversity of life as a whole, which is not defined by genomes or molecules, we establish a "non-target, non-biased" comprehensive measurement technology that captures life as a whole without narrowing down the target.

Our Mission

“New Technology Opens New Sciences”

"Technology is the mother of science" as it is often said, new measurement science will inevitably create new science. Medicine-engineering collaboration is active at Osaka University, and much of it has been practical research that applies engineering technology to clinical medicine. This department hopes that advanced measurement technology can promote issues that bring a paradigm shift from the viewpoint of basic science and seriously thinks about engineering-medical and life sciences collaboration instead of conventional collaboration.

“Fostering New Generations”

We believe that it is the younger generation who should be in charge of interdisciplinary research in the true sense of the word and promote it. This department would like to create a framework that mainly supports the young generation involved in interdisciplinary research.

“Increasing International Visibility”

The efforts of this department and the results that can be obtained in the future internationally would be actively disseminated. In particular, "Life-omics" is a relatively new terminology worldwide, so it may be possible to lead new concepts by actively using it.


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